Data Security Infographic, early stages

I'm working with a startup to create an infographic that helps their customers understand the difference between unsecured and secured private information. The delivery format is still TBD but it's been a lot of fun so far building the characters and composition in grayscale!

DIY photo shoot and art direction!

#TBT to when I went with my design peers to VSCO headquarters in Oakland for a DIY art-direct-your-own photoshoot. It was amazing to explore angles, lighting, color and to capture the right atmosphere and emotion through this experiment.

Animating in Photoshop


<—— I hope this doesn’t drive you crazy, but wanted to share what I just created using the ‘transform’ feature in Photoshop’s timeline.

I’ve created animations before where it’s more ‘choppy’ and not as smooth, so I wanted to take some time this weekend to research and experiment on how to do this.

I am currently learning Sketch which I’ve heard great things about, and have heard that you can use to animate as well. But it’s satisfying to know that I can create it in this in PSD.

West Coast Craft Fair!


While riding the ferry into the city yesterday on my way to get a hair cut, I was browsing Instagram and saw a post by Jessica Hische (one of my favorite graphic designers and lettering artists). She posted a very convincing post encouraging anyone to come to see her at the fair. I made immediate plans to go right after my cut.

I had heard through friends about the West Coast Craft Fair but hadn’t been yet. I texted my friend, Anna, and she met me there. It was SO much fun — there were potters, clothiers, print artists, woodworkers, jewelers, food trucks and best of all, coffee!


I was really geeking out right here, I can't believe I was able to meet Jessica :-) If you haven't heard of her, you should check her out:

Here's a quick capture of the fair from a birdseye view...