Brand Breakthrough Book Cover

Designed to stand out like a beacon, this book cover represents what it means to become a memorable brand.

Role: Designer | Project director: Margie Agin

Advon Real Estate Group

If you want to build or buy a new home, it can surely be an overwhelming task. Thankfully, this book cover will help to inspire you. The design combines a fun, hand-drawn, mid-century modern look with that of the card game Loteria, the card game of chance.

Role: Designer | Project director: Genevieve Concannon

Lucy Activewear

POP Journal packs with an illustrated belly band and debossed logo mark. These journals are given to each customer at the time of checkout.

Role: Designer | Art Director: Grace Jehan

Each journal 3-pack is received with an in-store purchase and to be shared with friends. The belly band illustrations invoke the Spring theme of introspection, self journey, and thoughtful moments. The belly band's message encourages her to draw, write, post and tag her art to instagram with #shareitsister.

In support of the journals, store windows were designed to show a collage of journal illustrations as inspiration:

Store Wayfinding

The Myositis Association

Bi-monthly newsletter re-design with new layout and font family.

Role: Designer | Project director: Carina May, C May and Associates

OC Family Register Magazine

Cover art and featuer story illustrations.

Role: Designer | Project director: In-house team

The Scout Guide

Location map design for the Northern Virginia Scout Guide, showcasing local small businesses.

Role: Designer | Project director: In-house team

Wedding Suite for David and Melissa

A wedding suite inspired by the Artisphere, an art gallery formerly located in Arlington, VA and Melissa's chosen color palette.

AALAS San Antonio Convention

A series of Texas-inspired even posters for the AALAS.

MFA Thesis: Biomimicry in Graphic Design

My thesis discusses how nature can act as an inspiration for visual layout and physical design.

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